Terms and Conditions

The conditions are defined by given rules according to which FiveConsult services are provided to customers.Group of FiveConsult companies is an operator of provided services in the name of one of participating legal entities (hereinafter - FiveConsult). When paying for any FiveConsult services the client agrees that he is familiar with the current version of these rules and they are clear to him. Providing services Providing services are performed in the manner and extent coordinated with FiveConsult client until it is provided. Required Information for company registration According to the "due diligence" international standard for company registration a client has to provide with the following:
  • Copy of passport of the eligible beneficiary ("final actual owner") of the company and authorized person (if the trustee is not the actual owner of the company);
  • Proof of address of the eligible beneficiary (if the trustee is not the actual owner of the company) – a passport page with residence permit (if applicable) or a utility bill (or other) for services with name and address.
The information provided by the client on the actual owners and authorized persons and companies in small-tax and tax-free jurisdictions is strictly confidential and is not available in public registries. Information about company owners of the European Union is available as far as this information is available in the register of companies of any country. Privacy Policy Information provided by customers is used only for services ordered by a client. All information about our customers is confidential and not available to third parties and/or in the public registry. Terms of payment Company registration: Company registration in any of jurisdictions is made only after receiving full payment for this service. After the registration process is started the customer cannot refuse an order the same as refunding the prepayment. Services of FiveConsult connected with supporting companies, including annual renewal and signature attestation of the nominee director on documents, preparation of annual reports (if it is necessary in a particular jurisdiction) and etc., are provided after receiving full payment which is not refundable in case of client refusal at the time of order fulfillment. The client pays for the service by method indicated in the FiveConsult invoice and in the specified currency. If the client wishes to pay with another method different from a bank transfer, this option has to be coordinated with FiveConsult representative. Opening bank accounts, e-commerce accounts and payment systems accounts: Bank accounts are opened after receiving at least 50 percent of advance payment for the chosen service. Simultaneously received information from the client about his business, the company in the whole, its owners and representatives is sent to a selected bank by customer for preliminary review. After reviewing all data the bank gives its opinion on the possibility of opening an account. In getting a positive response from the bank about the possibility of opening an account the customer is obliged to pay the remaining part of the funds for the chosen service. In the case of a negative opinion from the bank previously made payment is not refundable. If, after receiving a positive response from the bank a client refuses to make payment for the remainder of the selected service, FiveConsult reserves the right to stop order fulfillment until receiving the entire amount of the order payment. In addition to payment for FiveConsult services a customer must pay all costs associated with the commissions of selected bank, but no more than it is stated in the tariff offer of the bank. For a more detailed analysis of the information at any stage of the application processing for opening the account the bank has the right to request additional information about the client's business. If personal identification is required the client’s representative has to come on the agreed personal meeting in the main office or other specified bank office. In case of providing unreliable and inaccurate information by client, concealment or disguise with the information needed for providing services FiveConsult does not guarantee successful opening of the account. Services payment options A customer can choose a payment method for services provided by FiveConsult company:
  • Wire bank transfer
  • Transfers through Webmoney, Paxum, Paypal payment systems.
Other variants of payments are only possible by coordinating with our experts. Force Major Service delivery may be delayed or canceled in cases related to unexpected circumstances that could not be foreseen or controlled and in which there is no the fault of service operator. These are ranked as the natural elements, fire, war, civil riots, strikes, epidemics, embargoes, restrictions on supplying power, state laws and decisions, as well as other similar events and circumstances. On the occurrence of such circumstances, service operator will promptly inform the client. Changes in the rules FiveConsult reserves the right to make changes to these rules without prior notice. The client's responsibility is to monitor the current version of these rules and changes in them all over the use of FiveConsult services.