St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis - NBCO/Other jurisdictions

The islands of St. Kitts (St. Christopher) and Nevis are located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean. Opened by Christopher Columbus. Since 1625 - the colony of England, from the mid-twentieth century - members of the West Indies Federation, in 1967 declared "associated with the UK state."
In 1983, the independence of the islands was proclaimed. The federation was created when Nevis gained independence and took part in the creation of the sovereign state of St. Kitts and Nevis.
St. Kitts and Nevis form a single state, but differences in corporate legislation both federation members definitely exist. The most favorable corporate and tax legislation is valid on the island of Nevis, so the absolute majority of international business companies are registered there.

  • Basic information about jurisdiction

    Area – 262 sq. кm
    Population – 43.000
    Government – federation
    Capital –  Baseterre
    Official language – english
    Official currency – caribian dollar (XCD)
    Time zone – GMT–4 
  • Company type

    Nevis Business Corporation (NBCO)
  • Directors of the company

    Number: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country
    Information about directors: only from a registered agent in   St. Kitts & Nevis
    Nominee Directors: Allowed
  • Shareholders of the company

    Number: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country
    Information about shareholders: only from a registered agent in St. Petersburg. Kitts & Nevis
    Nominee Shareholders: Allowed
  • Secretary Company

    There are no requirements for the position of secretary.
  • Authorized capital of the company

    Standard declared capital - 5.000 USD.
    There are no requirements for payment of this capital or part of it. 
  • Company name

    Must end with the words "Incorporated", "Limited" or the abbreviations "Inc.", "Ltd.", "GmbH", "S.A". Registration of names containing the words "Bank", "Insurance", "Trust", "Assurance", "Imperial", "Royal", etc., is allowed only upon receipt of the appropriate licenses. 
  • Information about the real owner of the company

    Information about the beneficial owner is submitted only to the registered agent and is confidential.
  • Annual Return

    Requirements for the submission of the annual report is not put forward. 
  • Financial Statement

    Requirements for the submission of a financial statement is not put forward.

  • Taxation

    Taxation of companies NBCO – 0%.
  • Double tax treaties

    As IBC companies are not residents (taxpayers) Kitts & Nevis, it is not subject to the prisoners of St. Kitts & Nevis interstate treaties.
  • The term of registration of a new company

    6-7 business days; The term of receipt of the full package of documents is 5-6 weeks.
  • Acceptance of third-party companies for service FIVECONSULT

    Only by agreement with the previous service agent in St. Kitts & Nevis.
  • A set of constituent documents of the company

    1) registration certificate (Certificate of Incorporation);
    2) additional certificate from the Register of Enterprises (Endorsement Certificate);
    3) articles of incorporation signed by the first founders of the company (Subscribers );
    4) protocol on the appointment of a nominal director (Appointment of director);
    5) charter (By-Laws);
    6) letter of confirmation from a registered agent (Designation and acceptance of Registered Agent);
    7) protocol on nominee shareholder appointment (Transfer of subscription Rights);
    8) minutes of the first meeting of directors (Written resolution of Director);
    9) General power of attorney (General Power of Attorney), signed by the nominal director;
    10) confirmation of the nominal director of the transfer of the company to its real owner (Agreement for the nominee services and indemnification of the nominee);
    11) letter of resignation of the nominee director, signed, but without a date;
    12) share certificates (Share Certificates), signed by the nominee director;
    13) Stamp of the company. 

  • Ready-made companies

    Buying '' ready-made '' companies is possible.
  • FIVECONSULT Comment:
    Saint Kitts and Nevis is a classic offshore jurisdiction offering generally the same corporate and tax conditions as its main competitors - British Virgin Islands, Belize, and others.
    Currently, the popularity of BVI and Belize among entrepreneurs is generally higher than the relevance of St. Kitts and Nevis, which is explained by more developed in BVI and Belize marketing and advertising strategies that successfully promote their corporate services in the world. In fact, it should be noted that there are no fundamental differences in the corporate and tax laws of these jurisdictions.