Our company

"Fiveconsult Group" is the group of companies part of which currently consists of Polish companies and the United Kingdom, have been providing the entrepreneurs in our country and abroad with legal services since 2006.One of the areas of our business has always been a registration of foreign companies various by status. And during the last year we started a profitable cooperation with UK and foreign partners in other spheres - accounting, banking services. Now we have an opportunity not only to help our clients in registering their company but also support its organizational and financial activities. Many UK and foreign banks highly valued the business activity, quality of work and qualification of our company employees and are ready to our cooperation. As a result, today we can offer the services of 29 reliable banks from which our client can choose the appropriate in all respects. We always put forward the success of our customers as a priority so maximum attention is paid to each client; we guarantee strict confidentiality and ensure the long-term cooperation.