Netherlands - CV/Other jurisdictions

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is often called Holland, which is in fact incorrect. South and North Holland - the provinces of the Netherlands are the most developed, but only two of the twelve. It is assumed that the name of the country as “Holland” became widespread in Russia after the visit of Peter I and his retinue to one of the parts of the Netherlands - Holland itself.
The Netherlands is a highly developed EU country , jurisdiction with a standard level of taxation (tax on profits in the Netherlands - 25.5%), which does not carry any signs of "tax haven". At the same time, the legislation of the Netherlands provides the possibility of registering and using companies with a zero tax rate. These benefits are enjoyed by companies like Commanditaire Vennootschap - CV.
A company like CV is a partnership created by at least two founders, one of which has the status of a main partner ('' General Partner ''), the rest is standard status ('' Limited Partners '').
Normally, legislation by default provides that the company CV is managed by its General Partner. There are no restrictions on the appointment of additional persons to the positions of Limited Partners, directors or managers of the CV company, but it is the General Partner who is primarily responsible for the commercial activities and financial obligations of the CV company.
CV companies with foreign shareholders who do not conduct business in the Netherlands are not subject to taxation here. In accordance with tax laws, CV is not considered in this country as a separate taxable subject. In this regard, the company CV is not registered as a taxpayer, and therefore taxes from the company received profits are paid - in proportions according to their share interests in the CV - by its founders (“General Partner” and “Limited Partner”) at its place residences.
  • Basic information
    about jurisdiction

    Area – 41.526 sq. кm
    Population – 16.500.000
    Government – monarch
    Capital – Amsterdam
    Official language – dutch
    Official currency – euro (EUR)
    Time zone – GMT + 1 

  • Company type

    Commanditaire Vennootschap - CV

  • Directors of the company

    Quantity: at least 2
    Status: Individuals and legal entities 
    Residents: residents of any country are possible
    Information about the founders: only in the Netherlands Enterprise Register
    Nominee founders: allowed 

  • Company Shareholders

    The legislation on companies CV does not provide for the status of shareholders.

  • Company Secretary

    There are no requirements for the position of secretary.
  • Share capital

    Standard declared capital - 1.000 EUR. This implies that the General Partner is liable for the obligations of the CV company with all its assets.
  • Company Name

    Must end with the abbreviation "CV". Registration of titles containing the words "Bank", "Insurance", etc., is allowed only with the appropriate licenses.  
  • Information about the real owner of the company

    Information about the real owner is provided only to the registered agent and is confidential.
  • Annual Return

    A report (Annual Return) is submitted annually.  
  • Financial Statement

    The financial statement is submitted to the business register annually.
  • Taxation

    Taxation of CV companies with non-resident founders - 0%.  
  • Double tax treaties

    Since CV companies are not taxpayers in the Netherlands, they are not subject to the intergovernmental agreements concluded by this country.
  • The term of registration of a new company

    20-25 business days; The term of receipt of the full package of documents is 7-8 weeks.
  • Acceptance of third-party companies for servicing FIVECONSULT

    Only in consultation with the previous service agent in the Netherlands.
  • Set of constituent documents of the company

    All the necessary documents for the work, including an apostilled set of documents and a general power of attorney.
  • "Ready-made" companies

    We are ready to register this type of companies for your order.
  • FIVECONSULT comments:
    Registering a CV in the Netherlands is a great opportunity to work with a real tax-free company from a prestigious European country. In this situation, the property or profit of a CV company without any tax charges may be reflected in its annual financial statements, the provision of which may be required, for example, for registering a subsidiary in another country or obtaining a bank loan.
    Since the same General Partner cannot be appointed in several CVs, together with any CV company, it is also required to purchase an own General Partner - an offshore company (Belize, Panama, etc.). Only a company with directors of FIVECONSULT can act as a General Partner, since it is the General Partner that will promptly sign annual reports, tax returns and other company documentation.