Gibraltar - NRC/Other jurisdictions

The state of Gibraltar, located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula on the border with Spain, is a dependent territory of Great Britain. By virtue of its geographical position, Gibraltar is one of the most important strategic points, allowing to control the exit from the Mediterranean Sea and the approaches to it from the side of the Atlantic. It is a self-governing territory that has its own constitution, but the defense and foreign policy of Gibraltar is governed by its metropolis, the United Kingdom. The official head of jurisdiction is the Queen of Great Britain, who is represented by the Governor-General in Gibraltar.

After the zero taxation of non-resident Irish companies was abolished in 1999, Gibraltar actually remained the only jurisdiction in Europe that fully provides services for the registration of classic tax-free companies.

In Gibraltar, it is possible to register several types of companies - Private Company, Qualifying Company, LimitedPartnership, Exempt Private Company, Non-Resident Company, et al., With that is Non-Resident Company is the most frequently used tool in business practice. 

  • Basic information about jurisdiction

    Area – 6.8 sq. кm
    Population – 29.000
    Government – British Dependent Territory
    Official language – english
    Official currency – pound sterling (GBP)
    Time zone – GMT+1
  • Company type

    Non-Resident Company 
  • Directors of the company

    Quantity: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country except Gibraltar
    Information about directors: only in the Register of Enterprises in Gibraltar
    Nominee directors: allowed
  • Shareholders of the company

    Amount: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country except Gibraltar
    Information about shareholders: Only in the Register of Enterprises of Gibraltar.
    Nominee shareholders: allowed.
  • Secretary Company

    Quantity: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country; in practice - resident of Gibraltar
    Details   on the secretary: only in the Register of Enterprises of Gibraltar
    Nominee Secretary: allowed
  • Authorized capital of the company

    Standard declared capital - 1.000 GBP.
    Minimum paid-in capital – 2 GBP.
  • Company name

    Must end with the words '' Limited '' or the abbreviations 'Ltd.'. Registration of names containing the words '' Bank '', '' Insurance '', '' Trust '', '' Royal '', '' Fund '', etc., is allowed only after receiving special licenses.
  • Information about the real owner of the company

    Information about the real owner is submitted only to the registered agent and is confidential.
  • Annual Return

    An annual report is submitted every 12 months after registration. 
  • Financial Statement

    A brief financial statement (balance sheet) of the company is submitted annually. Data - as of the last day of the month preceding the month of registration.
  • Taxation

    Taxation of non-resident companies – 0%. 
  • Double tax treaties

    Gibraltar does not have double tax treaties with other countries.  
  • The term of registration of a new company

    6-7 business days; The term of receipt of the full package of documents is 6-7 weeks.
  • Acceptance of third-party companies for service FIVECONSULT

    Only in consultation with the previous servicing agent in Gibraltar.
  • A set of constituent documents of the company

    1) registration certificate (Certificate of Incorporation);
    2) Minutes of the First Meeting of the Subscribers, signed by the first founders of the company (Subscribers);  
    3 a) Memorandum and Articles of Association, signed by the first founders of the company (Subscribers);
    4) Minutes of the First Meeting of Directors meeting minutes with the decision on the company's legal address and issuance of share certificates;
    5) meeting minutes with the decision to appoint nominee shareholders (Minutes of the First Meeting of Directors);
    6) register of directors and managers (Particulars of Directors, Managers and Secretaries);
    7) two general powers of attorney (General Power of Attorney) signed by nominee directors;
    8) confirmation of nominee directors of the transfer of the company real owner (Agreement for the provision of nominee services and indemnification of the nominee);
    9) Resignation letters of nominee directors, signed, but without a date;
    10) stock certificates (Share Certificates) signed by nominee directors;
    11) company seal.

  • "Ready-made" companies

    Purchase "ready-made"   companies is possible. 
  • FIVECONSULT comment:
    For a long time, Gibraltar occupied one of the leading places in Europe in the number of registered tax-free companies. And today, Gibraltar retains its popularity, as it is the only high-grade tax-free zone in Europe. It can be stated unequivocally that Gibraltar is the most inexpensive opportunity to have a company registered in Europe. Compared to other tax-free countries, this jurisdiction is not a remote and exotic island state, but a quite common European territory for businessmen.
    Since along with the tourist business, non-resident and financial sectors are the main sources of income for the budget of Gibraltar, local authorities are making every effort to maintain preferential tax conditions in this jurisdiction.