eCommerce merchant accounts

Since August 2013 we have been providing a new service on opening and technical supporting of merchant accounts on taking credit cards on the Internet. The service is provided in cooperation with our partner banks, which are certified financial institutions and having all necessary licenses from Visa and MasterCard cards organizations on taking these plastic cards.

Our offered service provides the possibility of receiving payments for services and goods paid with credit cards of customers anywhere in the world, gives guarantee for getting payments on settled transactions and allows you to do this with minimal costs and significantly cheaper than through any intermediary. We are also ready to provide special working conditions for various processing centers.

This service is available to any legal entities registered in the European Union (including such countries as UK and Cyprus) and having a bank account to receive payments within EU.

Experts of our company will promptly consider each individual case, and consult you on opening this type of account for you and your business needs with maximum details and for free.