Deposits and brokerage services

Consultations on investment services, including capital work in the security and financial markets, are among the most important activities of the FiveConsult company.We work in collaboration with many solid partners of the CIS Baltic countries though the main one is deservedly a world leader of highly professional capital service in the financial markets - FX Capital Markets (FXCM) company.

FXCM - it's more than 25 years of experience, representative offices in all major financial capitals, stock turnover on the NYSE: FXCM, cooperation with central banks and international exchanges of global impact.

Partnership with such a popular and experienced company allows us to offer customers a variety of solutions for their capital around the world. Our experts have general data to provide with the most relevant information about stock markets, professional consulting support of new investment ideas for inputs in leading funds and expert assistance in building the right strategy in the market.

Today our product line presents options for customers with a relatively small investment opportunities as well as for clients of institutional level.

We offer the possibility of independent work in the global financial and security markets or getting the income from capital inputs in the security markets and investments in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), classic investment deposits or structured products, including - in the funds of involved agents and programs of capital management.

Independent work in global financial markets with FXCM is not only an increase of certain input under personal trading operations, but also reception of generous commissions for own individual transactions.

Special importance of our offer acquires the fact that these services are not directly available for residents (individuals and legal entities) registered in Latvia.


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