Credit card issuing projects

Our company, in collaboration with more than 6 partners, started to provide services of individual card projects realisation. The main purpose of realising the card projects is the affiliate program and massive payouts.

For companies interested in starting their own card projects, we offer two types of services:
  • Virtual Card Visa/Mastercard - full payment card without physical performance: it has all the necessary requisite details (account number, expiration date of the card, CVC2 code). The main advantage of the virtual card - its cheapness with full functionality.
  • Classic card Visa/Mastercard - full payment card with physical performance (plastic).

  • Especially popular among card projects are co-branding cards. The main feature of cards issued within this project is a custom design and additional benefits provided by bank partners to the cardholder. A person can receive discounts by card, bonuses, additional services, gifts, etc.

    You are welcome to contact experts of our company to get a free consultation on card project realisation and questions related to this matter.