Belize - IBC/Other jurisdictions

Belize is known as a state in the region of Central America with an unusually beautiful nature. Ecologically clean waters around the reefs untouched by civilization, along with forests, rivers, waterfalls and jungle territories, as well as historical sites of the Mayan civilization attract many tourists from all over the world.
С In 1862, Belize was a colony of Great Britain (in this status it was called British Honduras), in 1964 received internal self-government, in 1973 - the former name - Belize, and in 1981 - independence. The country is governed by a prime minister elected by the senate.  

Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official state language. Frequent flights connect the country with cities like Houston, Miami, New Orleans. The administrative capital of Belize is Belmopan, but the main commercial center of the country is Belize City, which has a population of about 60,000.  

The creation and management of non-resident companies in this country is regulated Legislative Act International Business Companies Act 2000.
  • Basic information about jurisdiction

    The area is 22.965 sq. km
    Population - 230.000
    The political status - is the country of the British Commonwealth
    Capital - Belmopan
    Official language - English
    Official currency - Belize dollar (BZD)
    Time zone– GMT – 6
  • Company type

    International Business Company (IBC)
  • Directors of the company

    Quantity: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country
    Information about directors: only in the register of enterprises in Belize
    Nominee directors: allowed
  • Shareholders of the company

    Quantity: at least one
    Status: natural or legal persons
    Residents: residents of any country
    Information about shareholders: only in the register of enterprises in Belize
    Nominee shareholders: allowed
  • Secretary Company

    There are no requirements for the position of secretary
  • Authorized capital of the company

    Standard declared capital is USD 50,000.
    There are no requirements for payment of this capital or part thereof. 
  • Company name

    Must end with the words '' Incorporated '', '' Corporation '', "'Limited' 'or the abbreviations' 'Inc.' ',' 'Corp.' ',' 'Ltd.' ',' GmbH '', '' S.A ''. Registration of titles containing the words' 'Bank' ',' 'Insurance' ',' 'Trust' ',' 'Assurance' ',' 'Imperial' ',' '' Royal '', etc., allowed only after obtaining the appropriate licenses.
  • Information about the real owner of the company

    Information about the real owner is submitted only to the registered agent and is confidential.
  • Annual Return

    There is no requirement for an Annual Return.  
  • Financial Statement

    Requirements for the submission of a financial statement is not put forward.
  • Taxation

    Taxation of companies IBC – 0%. 
  • Double tax treaties

    Belize has no double tax treaties with other countries.
  • The term of registration of a new company

    6-7 business days; The deadline for receipt of the full package of documents is 4-5 weeks.
  • Acceptance of third-party companies for service FIVECONSULT

    Only in consultation with the previous service agent in Belize.
  • A set of constituent documents of the company

    1) registration certificate (Certificate of Incorporation);  
    2) articles of association / Memorandum and Articles of Association, signed by the first founders of the company (Subscribers);
    3) protocol on appointment of director (Appointment of First Director);  
    4) minutes of the first meeting of directors (Minutes of First Meeting of Directors);
    5) two unfilled (blanco) general powers of attorney ( General Power of Attorney), signed by the nominee director;
    6) confirmation of the nominal director of the transfer of the company to its real owner (Agreement for the provisionof nominee services and indemnification of the nominee);
    7 ) about Resignation letter of the nominee director, signed, but without a date;  
    8) Share Certificates, signed by the nominee director;  
    9) seal the company.
  • "Ready-made" companies

    Buying "ready-made" companies is possible.
  • FIVECONSULT comment:
    Belize is a classic tax-free jurisdiction that does not require complex procedures for supporting companies and their annual reporting. An additional advantage of registering companies in Belize is the legal norm allowing the name of the company being created to be expressed not only in Latin letters, but in other existing writings, including Cyrillic.
    Why offshore Belize?

    If you want to determine the most suitable place for successful business, large-scale financial transactions and attracting large investments, choose Belize offshore. This independent state, part of the British Commonwealth and located in the northeast of Central America, is a real oasis for owners of offshore companies who use the most beneficial opportunities offered by the legislation of Belize.  
    Belize Offshore Major Benefits

    The main and indisputable advantage of registering a company in this offshore zone is absolute tax exemption in accordance with law om "About international companies".
    Another reason to prefer offshore in Belize is a guarantee of complete confidentiality (when registering a company with a nominal shareholder and director).
    Financial reporting is not required here; Offshore registration in Belize takes no more than 3-4 weeks, and its content is relatively inexpensive.  
    Other Belize offshore features
    By providing offshore owners with a number of pleasant opportunities and benefits, this state also requires compliance with certain obligations, in particular, the presence of a registered agent and a registration office in Belize.
    prohibitions - prohibitions on the ownership of immovable property property in Belize and for the conclusion of transactions with residents of the country.
    The rest of the offshore Belize gives full freedom of action - all offshore companies registered in the country with the end of Corporation, Incorporated Limited, Societe Anonyme or Sociedad Anonima have the right to conduct any business activities in all countries of the world.