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We provide services related with registration of legal entities, bank account openings,  e-commerce merchant services as well as a wide range of services for such kind of business. 


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“Fiveconsult Group” is the group of companies part of which currently consists of Polish and United Kingdom companies, have been providing the entrepreneurs in our country and abroad with legal services since 2006.

One of the areas of our business has always been a registration of foreign companies various by status. And during the last year we started a profitable cooperation with UK and foreign partners in other spheres – tax planning, accounting, banking services. Now we have an opportunity not only to help our clients in registering their company but also support its organizational and financial activities.

Many UK and foreign banks highly valued the business activity, quality of work and qualification of our company employees and are ready to our cooperation. As a result, today we can offer the services of 29 reliable banks from which our client can choose the appropriate in all respects.

We always put forward the success of our customers as a priority so maximum attention is paid to each client; we guarantee strict confidentiality and ensure the long-term cooperation.

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Company formation

FiveConsult company provides with services of registering and selling of “ready-made” companies in the 32 jurisdictions worldwide. Local company registration is an optimal solution for entrepreneurs interested in minimising juridical burden.

Due to security reasons the list of “ready-made” companies is available only after contacting our experts. For any further questions we will answer privately. 

Besides that local company is needed to accomplish the following goals :
• working on the international market and making payments for goods/services through a foreign bank account;
• smooth management of investment activities;
• conducting import-export operations;
• working capital financing;
• real estate ownership and management;
• ownership of the intellectual property – trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.

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Bank account opening

Except registering and supporting companies in different areas our company provides with service of paper work needed for opening a corporate bank account in different banks. The service is available for both legal entities and individuals. Payment terms are determined individually for each client.

If the bank that meets your exact needs is not in the list send us a specific request to our email address and we will try to find a solution! We are ready to pay special attention to each client contacted our company.

We offer open accounts in the following banks:

Additionally, we can provide consultation in questions of account opening in following banks:

Bendura Bank AG (Liechtenstein)
Choice Bank (Belize)
VP Bank (Switzerland)
Bank of Singapore (Singapore)
Rigensis Bank AS (Latvia)
Coutts & Co Ltd (Switzerland)
DukasCopy Bank SA (Switzerland)
RCB Bank Ltd (Luxembourg)
Baltic International Bank (Latvia)
Reģionālā investīciju banka (Latvia)
Euro Pacific Intl. Bank Inc. (Puerto Rico)
Bank Millenium (Poland)
VP Bank AG (Switzerland)
EFG Bank SA (Switzerland)
East West United Bank (Luxembourg)

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Opening a PayPal account

Most of our customers in the consultations on the registration of a particular form of business are interested in a possibility to open Business or Premium account in the PayPal payment system. We can tell that now we are using a developed scheme of opening a corporate PayPal account for buying a company from us. This scheme has been repeatedly verified and well proven in action as evidenced by feedbacks of our customers.

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eCommerce merchant accounts

Since August 2013 we have been providing a new service on opening and technical supporting of merchant accounts on taking credit cards on the Internet. The service is provided in cooperation with our partner banks, which are certified financial institutions and having all necessary licenses from Visa and MasterCard cards organizations on taking these plastic cards.

Our offered service provides the possibility of receiving payments for services and goods paid with credit cards of customers anywhere in the world, gives guarantee for getting payments on settled transactions and allows you to do this with minimal costs and significantly cheaper than through any intermediary. We are also ready to provide special working conditions for various processing centers.

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Credit card issuing projects

Our company, in collaboration with more than 6 partners, started to provide services of individual card projects realisation. The main purpose of realising the card projects is the affiliate program and massive payouts.

You are welcome to contact experts of our company to get a free consultation on card project realisation and questions related to this matter.

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